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BENIN: Creative Integrates HIV/AIDS Policy in Education


Creative Associates International, Inc. was awarded a task order to be issued under the Basic Education/Linkages to Education and Health (ABE/LINK) Indefinite Quantity Contract.


Under this task order, Creative will provide assistance to Benin’s Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in teacher training, monitoring and evaluation systems, student assessment and integraton of HIV/AIDS policy in the education sector. Slated to last 14 months, the Benin project is for approximately $1.2 million. Services to be provided under this task order will support Benin’s education reforms that started in 1990 in support of the country’s continued democratization.


“Creative Associates is pleased to continue its partnership with USAID in support of Benin's Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education during a crucial time of democratic revitalization in the country,” said Christina N’Tchougan-Sonou, chief of party for the Benin task order.


While some advances in student enrollment rates have been made over the last decade, the country’s teaching pool remains inadequate. As a result, the present effort will undertake teacher training and link HIV/AIDS awareness to education. While Benin’s HIV/AIDS rate remains relatively low compared to neighboring countries, more needs to be done to mitigate the effects an epidemic could have within the education system.


The ABE/LINK IQC, under which the Benin task order falls, will be implemented over a five-year period to 2010 and will provide a broad-range of services and support to USAID’s basic education and global health programs. 



—Alexandra Pratt


Benin Photo

Field IT Engineer, William Idoniboye, and Benin Chief of Party, Christina Ntchougan-Sonou, during project startup activities in Creative's new office in Benin.

Photo by:
William Idoniboye, Creative Associates International



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